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WANTED is a story about loss, sorrow, revenge, and a love that binds across the depths of death. Join Cailyn in her struggle to regain her life as she journeys into the pits of hell.

The Magician

Forget what you think of the origin of man. There are more forces out there than you understand. This is the story of how man transforms into a new being.

Street Corners

Antonio Jackson was not a very nice guy; he was brutal, merciless, and a cold blooded killer. Yet one woman vowed to stand by him, and another vowed to destroy him, but they were both doomed to love him.

The Volunteer

The Volunteer follows Jenna Steele, a woman whose mother died on hospice. She was compelled to give back, so she donated to a local hospice, however that was not enough for her. Jenna decided to volunteer and this is where her emotional journey begins.  You will not be able to put this book down!

The Movie Buffer

On this YouTube Channel we review and analyze movies WORTH talking about. Not just the current movies or the most popular but movies that mean something, at least to me. Come and explore the movies and TV programs that you love and may not have seen before. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE The Movie Buffer Channel!

The Spare Book Review

10 Things I Learned from Spare - Spare is a memoir by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex which was released on 10 January 2023. It was ghostwritten by J. R. Moehringer and published by Penguin Random House. 

Soldier's Story

A black military officer who is also a lawyer is sent to investigate the murder of a black sergeant in Louisiana near the end of World War II. It is a story about racism in a segregated regiment of the U.S Army commanded by white officers and training in the Jim Crow South.

Queen Charlotte was WHITE

I am so SICK of seeing videos about how Queen Charlotte was the first black royal. Nope sorry people MEGHAN MARKLE was the first Black Royal even though she F'd it up ROYALLY! Queen Charlotte was GERMAN, OK? She had thicker lips and a thicker nose but she was NOT BLACK!! 

Crystal Hickerson

Highly qualified motivated grief and hospice professional

Grief Support Hospice Professional Speaker. Motivational Speaker of life experiences and coach. Author of thriller and paranormal author. Also YouTube Channel creator.