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Book Information
T itle: Wanted
ISBN: 978-0-557-09133-1
Trade Paperback
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Lillie Mae Publishing
Copyright Year: © 2009
Language: English
Country: United States

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What if your biggest fear came true? Cailyn Roberts was a single mother raising her 11 year old daughter on her own. She remembered what it was like to be a young girl and wanted more than anything to protect her child, Lacy, from the pain she endured growing up. When Cailyn was 15 she was raped.

One fateful afternoon a knock came to her door. Cailyn was home on her day off and answered it. Before she even had time to react, the attacker grabbed her and knocked her across the room. He was ruthless in his assault and Cailyn was about to relive the horror she had experienced as a child. Yet she was thankful that her Lacy was safely at school.

Then the most horrible sound in the world entered her ears: The key in the front door. Lacy was home!

Cailyn Roberts opened her eyes after being struck in the head by a nine millimeter pistol. She awoke to learn that her daughter was dead and that she had been in a coma for almost 3 months. What she was to learn was that she did not awaken from the coma alone. Someone or something had come back with her.

WANTED is a story about loss, sorrow, revenge, and a love that binds across the depths of death. Join Cailyn in her struggle to regain her life as she journeys into the pits of hell. 


WOW! This book is a page turner! I mean I was hooked from the beginning of what was going to happen next. Crystal truly wrote a great book. I’m not big on the super natural; it’s not a book I would pick up and want to read. But after having this book placed in my hands, it was truly interesting and I loved how she developed her characters. She truly brought me into this book. I recommend this book for anyone that truly wants to curl up with a great book and is looking for a good page turner. Excellent read!!

~ Dominique Watson

The book was excellent. At first, I wasn't sure what I was getting into [Spoiler]. ..Every one of the characters was very vivid in my mind. That hasn't happened for a long time. Usually when I read a book, I can get the idea of the character in my mind, but I don't always "see" them without some effort. I saw every character, down to the children, in my mind without having to. Even flat characters like Carlos and Rachel. I was not only reading their story, I was watching it as I went through the pages. That was as exciting for me as the story itself! I began reading the book at 630-7pm and finished it just after 1030pm.

Wanted was an excellent read, and one I will recommend to my friends.

I really enjoyed this book, good story, page turner for sure because I
could hardly wait to get back to it, and a fast read. I liked the
spacing, also, because it was easier on my eyes than most of the books
I read. Thank you for the enjoyable hours of reading!

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